[nmsg-dev] nmsg 0.6.8 patch for OSX

Robert Edmonds edmonds at isc.org
Mon Aug 16 19:37:05 UTC 2010

Matt Thompson wrote:
> It works great. OSX has a POSIX dlopen(). ELF/ABI doesn't matter so
> long as dlsym provides the pointers and the compiler does its job.
> OSX no longer requires dlcompat as of 10.4. the build system creates
> .so file extensions rather than .dylib but dlopen() handles them
> just fine.

that is very interesting.  when i tried building on darwin 8 libtool
produced .dylib files for me.  did you have to make any modifications to
the build system (autoreconf with apple-branded autotools, etc.) in
order to get this to work, or did this work with the pre-compiled
autoconf scripts that come in the nmsg distribution tarballs?

> I would be happy to test and provide patches in the future for OSX
> as it is my main dev machine and have a local nmsg broadcast stream
> on my desk. I believe that none of the changes are applicable to OSX
> specifically (I haven't tested nmsg on any *BSD systems but I
> suspect they lack struct icmphdr as well).

we use nmsg on a lot of freebsd machines, so it works there.  i'll see
about modifying the libnmsg internals to use system-independent
definitions for the network header structures that we need.  that ought
to work for you?

Robert Edmonds
edmonds at isc.org

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